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Femdom From a Distance

If you're looking to explore your male submissive side in the safety and comfort of your own home, you've found the right place. I offer amazing female domination phone sex sessions. I am experienced with many types of dominatrix phone sex fantasies, such as body worship, cuckolding, chastity training, orgasm denial, and general femdom fantasies. I have many years of experience discussing female domination and male submission on the telephone. If you're looking for a general discussion on the topic of female domination, or if you'd like some advice on how you might benefit from incorporating femdom phone sex fantasy sessions into your life, I'd be happy to talk to you about this.

Before you call, please feel free to explore my website, including my femdom audios and female domination MP3 files. These are free for all visitors, and I offer them so that you can get an idea of what my voice sounds like, as well as learn a bit about me and my dominatrix philosophy before you call. I would like you to feel relaxed and unrushed during our , so please feel free to email me before you call, and tell me about yourself, especially as it pertains to your male submissive side. The more I get to learn about you, the better our femdom phone sex fantasies will be.

Femdom and Communication

It is very important that you feel open and forthcoming during our femdom phone sessions. I am not here to judge, and my goal is to provide an unthreatening and welcoming environment in which you can feel free to explore your interest in female domination. So don't be shy - when I ask you questions at the start of our domination phone sex session, this is only so that I can provide you with the very best experience possible. If you wish to share this information with me via email before you call, that's fine too. And if you're really new to female domination, check out my essay, What is Femdom? - this is a good place to start your femdom education.

From Ms Bella's Dominatrix Writings:

Bella's Essay #1- Elements of FemDom

You walk into the room, the lights are low and your eyes are taking some time to adjust to the dim ambience. Your senses are assaulted with the smells of the place…leather, rubber, sweat and desperation. As you finally adjust, you see her across the room. She’s dressed head to toe in black leather, well oiled and glistening in the light, a calm smile on her lips as she sees you. When she speaks, her voice is like a low purr, seductive and soothing, and yet every word leaves your nerves on edge. You immediately feel her power wash over you and your body responds accordingly, dropping to your knees as your cock hardens within your pants. You want to serve her, every fiber of your being screams for it, and you know that you exist for her pleasure only. She crosses the room with slow, measured steps, the click of her heels the only sound in the room aside from your quickening breath… This is a common scenario within the confines of a Domme’s dungeon, and certainly one that most people think of when they think of femdom. The truth of the matter is this, the above scenario happens hundreds of times a day all across the world. But there’s more to femdom than just whips and leather and pain. In fact, the first thing you should know about femdom is that it’s also a very mental form of control, encompassing many different elements that perhaps, most submissives are unaware of.

How does one achieve Femdom control?

Take a look around you. I’m sure that you, as the submissive, already have a feel for the types of women who would make a good Domina. The best Dominas don’t need to actively assert control in all aspects of their relationships to know that they have control. That’s one of the first elements of Femdom: She is always in control, whether those around her realize it or not. She knows how to play upon your weaknesses and fears, as well as your desires, to get precisely what she wants and needs when she needs it. There is a common misconception that Dominas enjoy screaming and yelling at their subs, when in reality, I can count on one hand the number of Mistresses who actually feel the need to raise their voice above normal speaking levels. It’s a control issue: she knows that yelling will most often cause you to stop listening, where lowering her voice makes you pay attention to every word coming out of her mouth.

And control doesn’t just come from words. Actions, they say, speak louder, and a true Mistress fully understands the power behind a look, a touch, a well placed leg crossing. She knows that she can use her body, her dress, her mere presence to effect the change in you that she wants to see. Most Mistresses are well dressed, using her own assets to draw your attention and capture it as surely as she has captured your heart. Think about the most powerful woman you know. Why is she powerful? How often do you think about her? What kinds of thoughts do you have about her? These are some of the strongest tools in a Domina’s arsenal. If you can find yourself lingering on the thoughts of this powerful woman in your life at your most vulnerable moments, she’s already gotten her claws into you. If you find yourself imagining what she would do to you if you were to submit to her, she’s one step away from making it a reality. If you stroke yourself thinking about the exquisite torment she’ll put you through, it’s just a matter of time before you go to her and sink to your knees, begging.

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